Nikhil Kilivayil

Hi bros! I know many of you have been trying to reach out to me but are unable to do so. That's why now I'm available on Check my schedule below and book a time that's convenient for both of us and I'm more than happy to connect with you.

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Really satisfied with the session. He shared all the information that I was seeking to get started as a web dev.

Rajesh Shanker

This has been a wonderful experience to share time with Nikhil Kilivayil.His advises and knowledge really helpful for me to achieve my goals.

Ashraf Palat

As the tagline of Brototype says I literally felt like talking to a brother. He heard me patiently so that I could share my thoughts and concerns. Yes, I am going to work out as he suggested.

Santhosh narayanan

Received valuable guidance and support than I expected . Highly motivating


Nikhil is a very approachable mentor who should be in everybody’s life. He is very positive and will reinstill your lost confidence. Looking forward to meeting him in person.

Ajin Mathew

Good experience to me .He give me the right choice for me.I am going forward what he told to me . Thankyou so much Sir , Thankyou for your support


Nice talking to Nikhil sir. I had a chat about half an hour and he guided me what to do. Hope this will be helpful to y’all.

Abdul Wajid

That was a really helpful session with Nikhil sir. I was having a lot of questions regarding how to build the base of a startup that even from a market like Kerala. He given the right direction to make the path more easier and success one. I am seriously looking forward to meet him directly and thank you for the session.

Noushad AK

It’s good experience to me .he gave me good guidelines and support